What Is The Best Sunglass Lens Color For Tennis?

Sunglasses have been a part of the sport of tennis for quite some time. But there is a lot of confusion around choosing the best tennis sunglasses.

Whether you are just beginning to play tennis or an experienced tennis player, you’re probably wondering what color sunglasses lens is best for tennis.  This article will help you understand how to choose the best tennis sunglasses.

Undeniably, we agree that the best sunglasses lens color is blue polarized. That is because the polarized blue color enhances the color of the yellow tennis ball for greater visibility.

Why do you need to wear sunglasses when playing tennis?

Sunglasses are useful and necessary for protecting our eyes from harm caused by UV rays of sunlight. However, choosing sunglasses with the right color is essential since they will enhance the color of the tennis ball for clear visibility.

Furthermore, different types of lenses are available in the market, including both tinted and non-tinted. The main difference between them is their ability to absorb the light that falls on them.

A tinted lens allows only a portion of the sun’s light to pass through it and reflect off the surface of the ball. For a non-tinted lens, all the light gets reflected by the surface of the ball.
Below are some of the essential tips to consider when choosing the best tennis sunglasses. Those tips include:

Tips to consider when choosing tennis sunglasses

1. Comfort

When choosing sunglasses for tennis, it is essential to consider their comfort level. Thus, it is crucial to consider your face’s earpiece length, size, and shape.

2. Durability

Durability is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best tennis sunglasses. The lenses made from plastic may shatter and break when exposed to a hard impact. Glass lenses are more potent than plastics.

3 Color selection

Choosing sunglasses based on their color is crucial. Tennis players require sunglasses that match the color of the balls for clear visibility.

4. Lens design

Lenses with clear lenses are more visible to other players and spectators. It also provides better visibility, even in low light conditions. However, if you need to use the sun to play, you must consider tinted lenses because they block most sunlight.

5. Frame style

It is essential to consider the design of the frames you use. The structure includes frame type, material, size, shape, and style. However, most important is the comfort it offers you when you are on the court.

6. Clarity

The clarity of the lenses is also essential. The best option is to choose lenses that have a high clarity level.

7. Lens protection

Another crucial factor to consider when buying sunglasses for tennis is their ability to protect your eyes from flying debris.

The glasses made out of plastic will not protect your eyes from these harmful particles. But the glasses that are made out of glass are safe for use.

8. Material

Consider the sunglass material. Some of the different materials used include plastic, wood, metal, or other materials.

Polarized vs. non-polarized tennis sunglasses

Non-polarized lenses do not transmit light as polarized lenses do. These lenses are made with a high amount of blue tint and help in low light conditions where visibility is essential.

The downside of using non-polarized lenses is that if the player wears them during sunlight, they will look like a regular guy.

On the other hand, Polarized lenses block only the horizontal component of the light and allow the vertical component to pass through.

They are ideal for outdoor sports like tennis because they do not interfere with other light colors, which is good for visibility.

It is also essential for tennis players to wear polarized glasses to reduce glare and reflections on the ball’s surface.

Is it good to wear sunglasses with a yellow lens when playing tennis?

Unquestionably YES, a yellow tint will help your vision. Yellow is an excellent color, so a yellow tint on a pair of sunglasses will help you maintain a high accuracy level in your shots.

So it is recommended that you only wear a yellow tint for a short period during practice sessions and matches.

The best sunglasses for tennis are made out of polarized glass.

Polarized sunglasses help in any light level. They also filter the glare off the surfaces of the court, and they can help protect your eyes from flying debris. The polarized lenses reduce glare off the court and keep the glare at bay.

Are sunglasses with blue lenses suitable for tennis players?

Absolutely NO! If you wear a pair of glasses with blue lenses, you might feel more comfortable on the court, but you might end up missing more balls because they block the view in front of you.

Features of great tennis sunglasses

Here are some of the essential features of great tennis sunglasses:

1. Polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses make the player’s vision clearer while playing tennis. These lenses allow the sunlight to pass through while blocking out reflections and other harmful light rays.  However, the best option is to use sunglasses with polarized lenses because they work best in low light conditions, such as during twilight or dim light conditions.

2. UV Protection

UV protection is another essential feature of tennis sunglasses. When using sunglasses in sunny conditions, you must protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Therefore, tennis players should consider buying sunglasses that are UV protected.

3.  Lightweight

A pair of sunglasses that is too heavy will cause a player discomfort and fatigue, which will decrease the accuracy of their shots. Also, if you are planning to wear your sunglasses on the court, it is essential to consider the weight of the lenses. The lighter the lenses, the more comfortable they feel while you play.

4. Exceptional design

There is no doubt that tennis players will look good in their tennis outfits. That means that they should buy sunglasses that are made to fit perfectly on the face and have an attractive design.

It is recommended that you consider sunglasses with a unique design, such as a frame that has a large wing or a wide-framed lens.

Benefits of wearing tennis sunglasses

There are several benefits of wearing tennis sunglasses. Some of these benefits are very interesting and will help you enjoy the game of tennis. Here are a few of the most important benefits of wearing sunglasses while playing tennis:

1. Safety

The most crucial benefit of using sunglasses while playing tennis is safety. The glare off the court can cause severe problems for your eyes, and sunglasses can prevent this from happening. The best tennis players know this, which is why they always wear polarized glasses when they play on a court.

2.  Convenience

Another benefit of wearing tennis sunglasses is convenience. These are very useful because they allow you to play in light conditions.

For example, they will be helpful in sunny weather because you will be able to see the ball in bright sunlight without the glare that you experience with your naked eyes.

3. Offers protection from sunlight and flying debris

Tennis players should consider wearing a pair of sunglasses for two main reasons: protecting their eyes from sunlight and flying debris during the game.

Sunglasses will keep the glare off the court and help reduce the chances of a player getting hit in the eye by a ball.

4. Improves comfort when playing

When tennis players wear their sunglasses, they should consider the comfort of the lenses. They should buy glasses that will feel good when they are on their faces.

If you wear glasses at work or school, you probably know how important it is to buy glasses that will feel comfortable when you wear them.

That is also true when you play tennis. You need to choose a pair of sunglasses that you can wear without feeling any discomfort.

5. Improves your vision

You may want to buy sunglasses because you think that wearing them will improve your vision. The best way to improve your vision is by wearing glasses with polarized lenses.

They will protect your eyes from the glare off the court and will increase the clarity of your vision.

6. Reduces eyestrain

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is reducing eyestrain. Eyestrain is a prevalent condition in people who spend a lot of time looking at screens such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Wearing sunglasses while looking at screens will reduce the strain that your eyes experience and allow you to enjoy your screen content more easily.

7. Improves your appearance

Another important reason to buy sunglasses is that they will improve your appearance. When you play tennis, you should always be aware of your appearance.

The best way to improve your appearance is to buy sunglasses that look good on your face. They should complement your facial features and match your clothing style. If you don’t want to wear your tennis clothes on the court, you should buy glasses made from very light materials and have an attractive design.

The best color for a tennis sunglasses lens is yellow because they allow sufficient light transmission. Yellow lenses are also the best lenses for polarized glasses.

It is essential to consider these factors when choosing the color of your sunglasses lenses:  light transmission, color contrast, and style.


When playing tennis, you should always wear polarized sunglasses with yellow lenses. That is because they will protect your eyes from the glare off the court, and they will make your vision much more apparent.

They will also reduce eye strain while you are playing. These glasses are also helpful because they will protect your eyes from flying debris and sunlight.